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The State of California Wants You to Pay Use Tax

With California's budget tighter than ever, the state is looking for new ways to collect all taxes due. A new regulation helps the state collect Use Tax on items purchased and used in the state. Companies who have not been in the habit of filing sales tax returns could now find themselves subject to a use tax return filing requirement under these rules.

Reduce Your Risk of Fraud with Good System Security

Fraud can occur in any business when all of the following elements exist: A person has an incentive (pressure) to commit fraud, there is an opportunity for the person to commit fraud , and the person can rationalize the fraudulent behavior (attitude) A well-designed computer security system is one way you can reduce the number of opportunities for fraud to occur in your business. the number of opportunities for fraud to occur in your business.

Stay Well and Be Informed

We are trying to stay current on Covid Updates 

  • Loan information is here (updated on 4/5/2020)
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As you know, information is changing at a rapid pace and the impacted agencies are struggling to interpret and implement laws and regulations quickly.



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