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We do our best to take the mystery out of finance and accounting. We offer classes that not only explain financial concepts but also teach teams how to connect them with their day to day activities. Once everyone speaks the same language and aims for the same goals, great things can happen.

An owner's guide to working with accounting staff

Accountants speak a unique language that is not often understood by the people who depend on them for information. 

In this class, designed for owners and managers who rely on the numbers in their business, we will demystify standard accounting terminology and how it is uniquely applied in the wine industry.  We will share tools for working with accounting staff and reviewing financial reporting. 

Winery leaders will leave this class with tools that allow them to delegate core accounting tasks without abdicating responsibility for the financial results of their business. 


DateNovember 12th, 2019
Time8:30 -10:30
VenueBDCO Office, 899 Adams Street, St. Helena
SpeakerGeni Whitehouse and Craig Underhill

Financial Fluency for Accountants

Are you an accountant who wants to help your winery co-workers make sense of the numbers and understand the incredible insights you have to share?

Then sign up for confidential individual coaching with Geni Whitehouse. (Prices start at $500 for first individual coaching session.)

Note: This page is for registration only. We will contact you to schedule a time and to accept payment by credit card. All coaching is subject to 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your full amount.


DateDecember 31st, 2019
TimeContact us to schedule a date and time
CategoryIndividual Coaching