The Strategic Performance Management program forces your team to focus on the critical or key factors which make for success. It also requires managers to think long-term instead of being totally absorbed in the day-to-day aspects of a job.
John Shafer of Shafer Vineyards
The TriMetrix system not only helped us match the candidate with the perfect qualities for the job, but it helped us define the most important qualities needed for the job, so the 'match' would be a win-win situation for everybody.
Delia Viader of Viader Vineyards
The biggest benefit I have observed is that our management staff is now on the same page and working toward clear, concise goals with a team mentality. They are highly motivated because they can actually measure and see the results of their hard work. I now have more confidence in my staff to understand and take care of real company needs. In turn, it has freed me up to think more creatively and to concentrate on what I do best.
Rob Sinskey of Robert Sinskey Vineyards
Thank you for such an informative meeting this morning, it was incredibly beneficial. I’ve never had those financial statements broken down and explained the way you did so I could better understand the data and make more informed decisions. I also just checked out the slideshow link you had shared – awesome. Thank you for making such a heavy topic so much more approachable!
Allison Negron, DTC Manager, Hill Family Estate
The Strategic Performance Management Workshop was a breath of fresh air. It guided us in clarifying our vision and developing a strategy to get there. But, unlike many such courses, Craig also provided us with hands-on experience and very user friendly tools to implement change in our business practices. His considerable knowledge of the wine industry, his comfortable manner and the excellent course materials make this a good value for both new and existing wine businesses.
Tom Clark & Laurie Claudon of Clark-Claudon Vineyards
The firm straightened out our startup accounting system and took us from a Dark Ages concept to a 21st century application. As a result, I am very pleased and comfortable with our business situation and feel that we are prepared to expand our total operation.
Carmen Policy, Owner Casa Piena
Because (the Jump Start Class) is taught by CPAs, many people might assume that it's all about numbers (i.e., statistics). However, your course was so much more than that -- not only goals, but how to actually achieve them, using innovative and unusual (but effective) management concepts. In addition to teaching the concepts, you also provided the tools for motivating others, and staying focused on what was really important. Definitely an enlightening, engaging and fun series of classes.
Brett Meltzer, Turnbull Wine Cellars
Class was so helpful I'd be interested in taking any classes offered!
Jump Start Class attendee
I so enjoyed the (Jump Start) course and am finding the process and tools we discussed incredibly helpful.
We admire your work. You are helping to transform the wine industry and our view of accountants.
Linda Reiff, Executive Director, Napa Valley Vintners
I wanted to relay my thanks on behalf of our team for your great workshop yesterday! I have had the pleasure of attending two of your workshops and have been very impressed with your presentations. They have certainly contributed to my personal growth and I hope to the growth of the company.
Kathy Bourassa talks about her experience in our Jump Start class in this video.
We love the folks at Brotemarkle, Davis & Co. Their name is kinda hard to pronounce but they sure have made a difference in our l'il ole business.