Financial Fluency Coaching

Are you tired of struggling to understand or communicate financial information?

Unless you were born with an understanding of accounting, financial statements, and individual metrics, it takes training and education to make sense of financial concepts. But it doesn't take years and it needn't be boring. In fact, we think it can be fun to take control of financial information and focus on the activities that help you achieve your business goals.

Whether you want individual or team coaching, we can help you make sense of financial information. We have four different options for individuals and businesses.  

1.  Financial Fluency™ coaching for managers

In order to take your winery and your career to the highest level, you must understand the language of business. In this confidential  one-on-one coaching session, we’ll help you unravel the accounting code using either a sample winery or your winery’s financial statements. We'll provide special tools, books, and ideas to help you master the numbers. We'll walk you through the basics and give you some insights into the key issues faced by wineries. Once you make sense of financial information, you will be able to apply your knowledge in achieving your winery's financial results.

Click here to schedule your confidential coaching session and gain the knowledge you need to make the numbers work in your business.

About your coach

Geni Whitehouse, CPA.CITP and our firm’s Countess of Communication, is uniquely qualified for this highly customized coaching. As a trained comedian, speaker, and author, she has spent a lifetime learning how to make financial statements meaningful (and interesting) to non-accountants.

She wrote and teaches the WISE Academy Demystifying Financials course #203 and has spoken at TEDxNapaValleyas well as many other wine industry conferences. 


  • $500 for coaching using our sample winery
  • $1000 for custom confidential coaching using your financial statements

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2.   Financial  Fluency for teams™ 

Are you tired of missing your financial goals? It’s time to teach your team some basic financial concepts.

In this customized group training, we’ll teach your team basic financial concepts using analogies, tools, and interactive games. We’ll help them connect financial statements to their individual actions and show them how to create their own measurements.

About your instructors

Geni Whitehouse and Craig Underhill are accountants who have spent the last 10 years specializing in getting teams excited about achieving business results. They have written classes and shared their ideas with winery owners, managers, and staff. Together they have taught more than 50 financial education classes to executives and their teams in the Napa Valley.


$4,500 for a half day of training.

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3.  Financial Fluency for accountants ™

Are you tired of explaining the same concepts to your winery co-workers? Whether you are communicating up or communicating down, it can be challenging to get other people to understand what you are talking about. You need help translating winery accounting concepts when you are talking with non-accountants. In this confidential one on one coaching session, we’ll help you connect the important work you do with the results you are trying to create in your winery. We'll show you how to adjust your communication style to best connect with different audiences. We'll share some of our favorite tools and help you uncover your inner financial communicator.

Click here to schedule your confidential coaching session and gain the tools you need to share your knowledge of winery accounting.

 About your coach

Geni Whitehouse, CPA.CITP and our firm’s Countess of Communication, is uniquely qualified for this highly customized coaching. As a trained comedian, speaker, and author, she has spent a lifetime learning how to make boring subjects interesting. 

She wrote and teaches the WISE Academy Demystifying Financials course #203 and has spoken at TEDxNapaValley.


$500 for first individual confidential coaching session  ($300 per session after that)

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4.  Get everyone trained (Best Value)

Sign up for a package deal and get everyone speaking the same language. Includes individual coaching for one owner and one internal accountant plus one half day of Financial Fluency™ training for your team for $5,000.

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