You know numbers matter. But that doesn't mean you have to enjoy working with them. Or trying to decipher them.  Or trying to change them into better ones. And you'd prefer to see all black ones, not those nasty red ones that mean you are operating at a loss or have been spending more cash than you are taking in. 

We get it. We just happen to like numbers. A lot. Especially the ones we can improve, the ones that change lives, that help people sleep. We like to help teams make sense of the big picture and then take small steps to support it. We like to work with managers to create goals that everyone understands. We like it when the right numbers help people make better decisions, achieve their dreams, and enjoy life just a little bit more. 

You see, BDCo is a different kind of accounting and advisory firm.  We live and work in the Napa Valley and specialize in wine industry accounting. But it goes deeper than our industry expertise. It starts with our beliefs. They determine how we treat our employees and how we work with our customers. They drive us to work harder and smarter every day and to ask more questions. Our beliefs give us a reason to come to work and to invest our time in the charitable organizations that make our community better.

Why we do what we do.

We believe customers have the best answers. So we listen to them.
We believe employees have the best ideas. So we trust them.
We believe Napa Valley is the best place to work, live and visit. So we work to protect it. We live to enjoy it. We savor the company.

What do you believe?

Accounting isn’t only about tax returns. It’s about improving your business. By focusing on the wine and hospitality industries since 1984, we’ve developed the experience and knowledge to help you avoid costly mistakes and grow your bottom line.

But mainly, our wine industry focus helps us ask better questions. We think that will help you find better answers.