Archived Newsletter: Released 11/5/2019

This is an archived copy of the email that was sent.

In this grateful edition of The Business of Wine:

  • Thank you (by the numbers) to first responders
  • Did you make the most of the power outage? We did
  • We will be thankful for sweet, sweet rain.  What are the chances
  • A new book describes how to make each moment special
  • We appreciate opportunities to be involved in causes like the Crush Challenge charity event
  • We are grateful for tax savings before the end of the year


Thank you to Cal Fire and Everyone Fighting Kincade and other Fires

According to Cal Fire, there were 5,245 Fire Personnel assigned to the Kincade fire, including 97 crews.  At the same time, there were more than 20 other fires burning in California.  We give thanks for these dedicated professionals and their families at home. 

Accountants Without Power

How did you spend your moments off the grid?  Here are some of our team member activities when the calculators went dark: 

"I  spent more time teaching my new kitten to jump through a hula hoop." 
"I escaped to the mountains!!!" 
"I read on my iPad until the battery died.  Then recharged in my car! ... and drank wine!"
"I went wine tasting."
"We tried to empty out the fridge by BBQ’ing everything from linguica to grilled cheese sandwiches!"
"We made s'mores in the fireplace." 
"I decided to get out and be active and went on long hikes during the day and then at night I went to bed early."

Napa Historical Weather

Check out this site for information on weather averages in prior years. By November 25th, the chance of rainfall (at the Napa airport) rises to 25%.  Let's hope we beat the odds.  

Moments that Matter

How might you apply some of the lessons from Chip and Dan Heath's new book, The Power of Moments, to your winery?  Read More. 

Crushing It For A Good Cause

Members of our team volunteered (or rode) in the Crush Challenge of 2019.

YearEnd Tax Planning  

Signs of the season are everywhere and that means year end is upon us.  Here are some items to consider before you finish off the eggnog.



Upcoming BDCo Classes (sponsored by Napa Valley Vintners)

11/12/19: An owner's guide to working with accountants. Learn more here.

Around the Valley

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Napa Valley Film Festival


Napa Valley

Jingle All the Way 


1480 Main St, St. Helena

Napa's Christmas Tree Lighting


6-9 pm, Memorial Park, Main Street, Napa

24th Annual Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade


1133 Washington St. Calistoga