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What is Strategic Performance Management?

Strategic Performance Management is a comprehensive approach to helping businesses achieve their goals.  It begins with a company's strategic plan and goes from there all the way through to the employees who support that plan. 

There are numerous different disciplines that call themselves "performance management" but the approach we use can be summarized in a single equation.  People X Process = Profit.  We think success happens when you combine the right people with the right set of tools and processes that help them succeed. 

It starts with a company's vision.  Once you determine where you are headed and what you are trying to accomplish, strategic performance management services can help you get everyone in the organization lined up in support of those objectives. 

Since we firmly believe the keys to long-term success are a combination of people and process, that is where we focus our attention.  We apply a series of communication tools, work with teams to build appropriate measures that support overall goals, and schedule regular management meetings to ensure that everyone follows through.  Everything we do is based on the premise that information should be shared through all levels of the organization.   

High-level goals and objectives sound great, but unless you create measurements and accountability, you are not going to see much action in support of those goals and objectives.  As auditors one of our top skills is asking questions, and we have applied that skill to working with companies to help them achieve their goals.   Rather than telling our customers what to do, we ask questions that lead them through a process of finding their own answers, and only then do we help them build measurements and reward systems that drive action.