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What are you harvesting?

Sure, you're going to be harvesting those perfectly ripened grapes from the vineyard.

But what else will you be harvesting this season?

1. Mature Employees or Employees who are Rotting on the Vine? If you have spent the past year providing your employees opportunities to participate in management, to stretch and grow, then this year has probably been a productive one for you. Your best employees have been able to stretch their muscles and try new ideas, they've attended training classes and they're feeling empowered. But if you have kept your team in the dark while you have tried one idea after another, then you might be dealing with a tired, stressed, or even moldy team with little energy or enthusiasm for another year. *

2. A Sustainable Plan or Short Term Fix? If you had a long term plan in place, you probably had to make a few modifications this year. How do your results so far compare to  your budget? If you operate day to day, month to month, or year by year, you run the risk of not achieving your long term goals. Now is the time to take another look at your harvests of the future and decide where you are headed.



*did we mention that in addition to our own Education Center, we also have instructors at the WISE Academy and the Wine Marketing Short Course offered at UC Davis as part of the MBA curriculum at the Organization Intenationale de la Vigne et du Vin.