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2020 Planning Opportunities

What will 2020 hold for your winery? 

Now is the time to review your current year successes and shortfalls and to revisit your winery’s goals across the four main areas of your business:  Financial ($), Customers (C), Operations(O), and People (P). We use the $COPE model to check in annually across each of these 4 areas and to revisit the End In Mind (E) for the winery. Download the template here and gather your team to share their own insights into strategies, scenarios, and new opportunities for the coming year.  

As part of your planning process, don't forget to revisit your winery's WHY1 to make sure your plans and budgets are consistent with your winery's beliefs.    

We can help you create forecasts, build customized tasting room revenue models, monitor your results, and even provide financial training for winery leaders. 

Let us know how we can help! Call us at 707-963-4466. 


1 Based on Simon Sinek's book, "Start with Why"  and TEDx talk.