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Estimated Payment Reminder 9/16

Estimated Payment Reminder – Due Date is September 16th

Don’t forget that estimated tax payments for federal and state individual income tax returns are due Monday, September 16, 2019.

If required, you received payment vouchers and information on making payments with your 2018 income tax return.  If your income has changed in 2019 or if you don’t know if you should make a payment, please reach out to our team for help calculating your estimated payment.

Payment Options

  • CHECK. Mail your payment vouchers (form 1040-ES  to the IRS and form 540-ES to FTB) with your check.  Make sure they are postmarked by the due date for timely filing.
  • ONLINE. You can make electronic payments to the IRS here .  Pay by 5 pm PST on September 16 to meet the deadline. Choose “Estimated Tax” as the payment type.
  • CA ONLINE.California Franchise Tax Board online payment options  are listed on their website here.  Many taxpayers are required to use CA WebPay—use this system to avoid a penalty.

Please contact a member of our team if you have questions about these payments.