Revitalizing Your Winery's Why: A Guide to Purpose-Driven Success

For an owner, an understanding of your winery's purpose is the foundation for all future decisions.  As we begin a new year, now is the time to review your purpose or your Why statement and to make sure everyone in your organization understands how it applies to your business. 

In this interactive session we will discuss questions like: 

  • How have your overall goals and mission changed in light of the last few years?
  • What shifts are needed to meet the evolving needs of consumers?
  • How do you bring your "WHY" to life in  your winery? 

We will review the concept of Why a business exists and compare that to the What and How statements and how they connect with an organization's Mission and Vision. 

This will be a live session, presented at our downtown Napa office at 1000 Main Street.  

Limited to 20 attendees. 

This is the first in a series of financial education courses that will be designed for people holding different roles in a winery.  

DateFebruary 13th, 2024
Time10:30 am
VenueBDCO onsite


Registrations are closed for this event.