If you don't know your own birthday, don't go to Tax Court https://t.co/vBfYQdJWnN
RT @evenanerd: Looking forward to hosting guests of Oztera, Inc. and Brotemarkle, Davis & Co LLP at Impact Napa on August 30th.
Winegrape harvest begins And so it begins... http://www.northbaybusinessjournal.com/northbay/sonomacounty/7282668-181/napa-sonoma-winegrape-harvest?artslide=0
The North Coast winegrape harvest is underway, as Napa County pinot noir grapes are picked early Monday morning for sparkling wine. And picking in Sonoma County is set to start later this week.
Wonder how this applies to people parenting? https://t.co/50GoHZYXvH #CoddledCanines
Future wine in Carneros -we're glad the birds won't be dining on these.
Our feathered friends (and their caretaking expert, Rebecca Rosen) play a very important role in making Napa Valley wine.
Meet the Falcon-Whisperer of Napa Valley Wine Country Thank you Rebecca Rosen for sharing your avian insights with us https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/kbk78z/meet-the-falcon-whisperer-of-napa-valley-wine-country
Rebecca Rosen makes a living off protecting vineyards from berry-eating pests with the help of trained birds of prey.
Impact Napa Conference We are looking forward to sharing a table with our friends from Oztera - makers of TeraVina software for wineries. Contact us if you would like a seat at our table!
The North Bay Business Journal presents keynote conversation with Robert ...
Video: Something New Coming from Shafer What does Shafer have up their sleeve? http://shafervineyards.com/news/something-new.php
On September 1 we can tell you more about what’s next for Shafer. Until then, for a hint, check out this 15 second video.
Terroir? Napa Valley contains 33 soil series with more than 100 soil variations. 1/2 of the soil orders in the world are here #OurNapa
Did you know? 95% of Napa Valley’s wineries are family owned #OurNapa
RT @evenanerd: "Companies declare intent to get close to customers; digital age forces them to actually do it " https://t.co/eXSAQ2kYQ3 via…
RT @gingerjohnson: Indeed - it's easy to sleep through mumbo jumbo. You're right @evenanerd - innovation, serving the customers = change. h…
Don't miss our next class - costing wine! This is our most popular course and fills up fast. August 22nd from 8:30 to 10:30 - free to members of Napa Valley Vintners​ http://www.bdcocpa.com/education/classes
Home - BDCo, Brotemarkle Davis & CO. LLP - An accounting and advisory firm with... BDCo teaches at UC Davis Extension OIV program

St. Helena, CA- July 20, 2017- Brotemarkle Davis & Co., LLP (BDCo) an accounting and advisory firm specializing in the wine and hospitality industries, today announced that two members of the firm ...
RT @evenanerd: Sending wet wishes to our friends in Santa Maria for relief and protection from the fires. https://t.co/qNWvneFyzl
RT @evenanerd: Travel season for wineries means lots of pesky receipts to manage. https://t.co/QToEdY8JSQ @Expensify https://t.co/f3E0rzeX…
Appreciate great graphic artists like @MarciaMacomber who help turn words into pictures. https://t.co/Yaf62uYD2c
Should we worry about "Intelligent Wine Pots" making humans obsolete? https://t.co/lsBxII58UU
Another reason to seek alternatives to paper checks https://t.co/yhUIE1fsg0
Take a break from watching the Comey stuff to learn from a team of accountants' visit to a vineyard https://t.co/cNJBFPqhZs #OwlPellets?
@ClifFamily sets the standard for great service and incredible people.
#Bruschetteria food truck https://t.co/RR9ZxRvan9

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